Be Prepared for Any Dental Emergency

25 February 2023by Carvolth Dentistry

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Langley, please feel free to contact us immediately to see our team of Dentists. Call us at 778-970-4900 and we will be more than happy to assist you right away. We understand that emergencies happen and you need to be seen by a provider right away. That is why we offer same-day, short-notice, weekend and late-evening appointments available to our patients.

We believe it is important to be prepared for any dental emergency so you can make the right decisions at home before you see us, this will help us preserve your tooth and help us take the best care of you. There are several reasons why patients require Emergency Dentistry. However, most dental emergencies are due to teeth being loosened or knocked out due to blunt trauma.

A Dental Emergency May Involve Any of the Following:

  • A laceration (or large cut) in the cheek, gum, or lip
  • Bleeding gums after blunt trauma
  • Loss of a dental filling, crown, or other dental work damage
  • Loss of tooth or teeth
  • Trauma that causes tooth or teeth to be loose
  • Excruciating pain emanating from tooth, gums, or jaw
If a tooth is broken due to trauma:
  • Save pieces of the tooth if you can
  • Apply cold compress on the tooth and gum area to minimize swelling
  • Do not wiggle or move the tooth (doing so could completely dislodge the tooth from its socket)
 If a tooth is knocked out from its socket due to trauma:
  • Retrieve the tooth if possible. Hold it by crown (the part which we generally we see in the mouth) 
  • Rinse it gently with water
  • If possible, place it back into its socket. If the tooth does not stay in the socket or cannot be put back in for other reasons, do not force it!
  • If you are not able to re-insert into the socket then place the tooth in milk
  • The first one hour is very critical for knocked out teeth so please call us right away at 778-970-4900
If you experience sudden, severe pain and/or swelling
  • Do a warm saltwater rinse
  • Apply a cold compress on the tooth and gum area to minimize swelling and to ease pain
  • If possible, floss gently as this could remove irritating lodged food particles

Please do not hesitate to call Carvolth Dentistry if you experience a dental emergency! Preparedness counts! Save our phone number in case you need to see us for an emergency appointment. We will be more than happy to see you right away 778-970-4900.

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