Exams and Hygiene

Dental Exams & Hygiene

Regular dental examinations and cleaning are essential services when it comes to preventive dentistry and avoiding future oral health complications. To keep your teeth and gums in good health, regular exams and hygiene appointments are important to schedule every 6 months. At Carvolth Dentistry, we provide personalized dental exams and hygiene services to comfortably help you maintain good oral health.

Why Do You Need a Regular Check Exam?

Regular check-ups, teeth cleaning, and oral hygiene education offer so many short-term and long-term benefits. Teeth exams and cleaning are critical because it helps you identify oral health problems before they turn into complicated and painful diseases. For example, regular teeth inspection help people prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. People who don’t examine their teeth regularly are more likely to face expansive treatments down the road. 

What Will Happen During My Dental Exam?

During a dental inspection, your teeth are examined to detect any cracks, decay, cavities, breaks, gum diseases, and other serious issues such as oral cancer. The examination process helps a dentist find out problems and recommend solutions based on their findings. Whether you’re experiencing toothaches or you don’t see any sign of trouble, you should get your teeth examined. It is recommended to visit a dentist at least twice a year. However, make sure to visit a dentist whenever you experience inflamed gums and toothaches. 

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Our Dental Exams and Hygiene Cleaning Services

At Carvolth Dentistry, our licensed Dentists perform the examination, and Dental Hygienists perform the cleaning using advanced tools and practices. Your appointment will include:

Examination involves: 

  • Diagnostic X-Rays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Examination of restorations
  • Examination of decay
  • Gum disease evaluation

Cleaning services: 

  • Removal of calculus 
  • Removal of plaque 
  • Teeth polishing 
  • Gritty toothpaste cleaning
  • Expert flossing
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Periodontal pocket measurements

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