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X-Ray Services

Dental X-rays or radiographs are images of teeth that help your dentist evaluate your oral health. If you want to examine your teeth, your dentist might recommend a dental X-ray to establish a clear picture of your overall oral health.

Digital X-Ray Images

X-ray devices use a low level of radiation to get images of the interior of your teeth and gums. Tooth decays, cavities, and impacted teeth are some of the issues that require dentists to perform a teeth X-ray. You might think dental X-rays are complex, but taking a dental x-ray is a pretty simple process and is as important as regular teeth cleaning. They are often performed every one to two years as a part of your teeth examination and cleaning. However, be sure to see a dentist sooner if you feel toothaches or changes in your mouth. Carvolth Dentistry is committed to delivering high-quality dental X-ray services in Langley. 

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Types of X-Rays

There are different types of dental X-rays. Which X-ray service you need depends on the required view of your mouth. Here are some common types of dental X-rays: 


This technique is used when your jaw is closed to evaluate how your bottom and upper teeth line up. We recommend occlusal X-ray to detect anatomical abnormalities linked with the floor of your mouth or palate. 


This X-ray requires you to bite down on a special paper to make it easy for your dentist to determine how well the crowns of your teeth match up. 


When a dentist wants to inspect your wisdom teeth, examine jaw problems, or plan for implanted dental devices, they use panoramic X-rays. 


This X-ray helps the dentist examine two complete teeth from root to crown. It is often used to detect unusual changes in the root and surrounding bone structure. Dentists also use extraoral X-rays to evaluate problems in areas outside of your teeth and gums. Our dental hygienist will guide you through the process to make things easier. 

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