Custom Mouth Guards

Custom Mouth Guards

Custom-made mouth guards are available for sports and night time wear. Mouth guards are important to prevent injury during sports, preventing bruxism and tooth decay. Preventative oral health care aids in keeping your teeth and gums healthy and prevents issues from developing into more serious health problems. To get custom-made mouth guards for you and or your family, contact Carvolth Dentistry.

Why Do I Need a Mouth Guard?

Do you or your children play organized sports or participate in other recreational activities? If yes, you must learn how to prevent face and mouth injuries. Patients who grind their teeth at night must also use techniques to prevent tooth wear or the risk of tooth fracture due to teeth grinding. At Carvolth Dentistry, we offer a solid solution in the form of custom mouth guards. When worn properly, our custom mouth guards will help you minimizes the risk of teeth, face, gum, tongue, lip, and jaw injuries. This dental device covers your upper teeth and protects the soft tissues of your tongue, lips, and cheeks.
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Sports and Night Time Mouth Guards

Mouth guards cover the upper teeth while protecting the lower teeth and jaw. Participating in sports increases your chances of getting a terrible dental oral injury. Why take the risk when a simple, custom-made mouth guard can provide the needed protection? A dental emergency could cost you more than mouth guards. To protect from a potential injury we use advanced tools and techniques to design mouth guards that provide long-term protection and jaw positioning to alleviate strain. Our dentists adjust the size of mouth guards to ensure it fits your dental structure.

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