Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings Services

Tooth-colored fillings are now used more often than amalgam. Because People like to have dental fillings that align well with the natural color of their teeth. Tooth-colored fillings or composite resins, provide good resistance and durability when it comes to chewing stress. If You prefer to make your dental fillings look more natural, a tooth-colored filling is the right solution.

What Are Composite Fillings?

The modern tooth-colored fillings are made of a composite resin compound that completely fills and covers a cavity after the dentist removes the compromised area. Tooth-colored fillings are more efficient when compared to traditional fillings. It blends surprisingly well with your natural teeth.

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Why Do You Need Fillings?

If you think your teeth are indestructible, think again. Composite tooth-colored fillings are one of the techniques to strengthen your teeth. As dentists, we have to remove less tooth structure when using composite fillings. Which simply means your natural tooth structure will be preserved. 

Here are some dental issues which can be treated with colored dental fillings: 

  • Decayed tooth 
  • Broken tooth 
  • Cracked or worn-out tooth 
  • Gap between teeth 
  • Chipped tooth

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