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Whether you’re thinking of getting dentures or already have them, you probably have some questions. Dentures can simply be thought of as artificial teeth and gums. A Dentist can custom design dentures to replace removed or lost natural teeth. Together, we can discuss if dentures are a suitable option for you and if you would be better suited for partial or full dentures. If you’re looking to get dentures from an experienced dentist in Langley, Carvolth Dentistry is ready to serve your needs. Dentures can help you feel better about your appearance, allow you to eat the foods you want, have a comfortable smile and often are a more affordable option that implants or bridges.

There are two broad categories when it comes to dentures: complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures can be either immediate or traditional. As the name suggests, immediate dentures are designed in advance and placed as soon as teeth are removed. On the other hand, conventional dentures are placed 8 to 12 weeks after your teeth are removed. Our dentist will be able to recommend what type of dentures you need. Partial dentures are needed when you need one or two replacement teeth that can be attached to a gum-coloured plastic base or a metal frame. Dentists often recommend partial dentures when one or more natural teeth remain in your lower or upper jaw. A partial denture also fills the space created by missing teeth. This helps prevent other teeth from changing position. It is a more natural-looking option that is removable and has internal attachments.

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